Bringing comfort and bling to orthopaedics and mobility equipment. Plaster covers, Splint Covers, Brace Bling, Crutch and Walker Accessories – Busted Bling has it all.

Improve comfort and feel great with our practical, affordable and easy care orthopaedic and mobility accessories.

Unique to Australia, Busted Bling with make sure you step out and sleep in comfort and look great while you are doing it.

Whether you have a broken arm, broken leg, injury, need a brace or walking support, a Busted Bling product will certainly put a smile on your face.

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Savvy, Townsville (19/04/2010)


November 13th, 2009

Andy Toulson discovers an innovative new Townsville business which designs creative fashion cast covers

SO you've busted your arm or leg playing netball or footy or just playing silly buggers ... and now you have to walk around with an ugly cast on the relevant limb, looking (and feeling) like some clumsy and overgrown teenage dork.

With all the Christmas and office parties coming up in the next few weeks, the last thing you need is a nasty (and increasingly grubby) plaster or fibreglass cast to take the shine off your best festive outfit.

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