Long Leg Cast & Brace Covers (Adult - After 5)
  • Long Leg Cast & Brace Covers (Adult - After 5)

After 5. Long Leg Cast & Brace Covers

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Wedding, party or function to attend?  Why not bling up your cast with our range of after 5 fabrics!

  • Cabaret (5) Arm or Short leg(Sm or M only)
  • Black Shimmer (After 5)
  • Gold (After 5)
  • Silver Glitter (After 5)
  • Gold Platinum (After 5) (Arm Only)
  • Gold Squares (After 5)( Arm Only)
  • Silver Platinum (After 5)
  • Silver Squares (After 5)(Arm only)
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Designed to suit all types of plaster & fibreglass casts as well as rehab and mobility leg braces, inc moon boots & walker boots.

Made from 4-way stretch material in a huge range of fabrics - there's something for everyone!


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