About us

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you are able to find a cast or brace cover or mobility accessory to brighten your day and add a little "Bling" when you need it most.

"Our founder Peta Ware started Busted BlingTM after breaking her wrist and elbow by falling over a concrete footpath! In a full arm cast for 1 ½ weeks (and hating the colour that I chose), she asked her partner to spray-paint it a different colour! Then she was placed in a short-arm cast for 3 ½ weeks - what a relief. She chose purple fibreglass this time, but after a few days the novelty wore off and she  had to select her clothes to match her cast (it's a female thing!) and one only has so many options each day, whether you are a child or an adult!

After a week the colour started to fade and the padding became dirty and generally unattractive. Peta had to start back at work and then her boss told me her had to go to a black tie awards night - WHAT WAS SHE GOING TO DO?? She wasn't going to Bling herself up and have an ugly purple cast as an accessory. So racing around, found some black silk and with the help of a good friend and her partner, she created the first "prototype". After this, Peta became so excited about the idea, and noticing the lack of anything else on the market, she began what is now 'Busted Bling'.

We are constantly sourcing new patterns and fabrics to ensure our designs stay fresh yet practical and wearable, and we would love to hear from you if you would like something specific that is not displayed within the pages of this website.

We wish each of you a speedy recovery and may the pain we know you are feeling subside enough for you to enjoy wearing your new "Bling"!

Nicole & team