Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you are able to find a cast or brace cover or mobility accessory to brighten your day and add a little "Bling" when you need it most.

Busted Bling was started in 2008 out of a necessity by it’s then creator Peta who had broken both her wrists.

Peta had to start back at work and then her boss told me her had to go to a black tie awards night - WHAT WAS SHE GOING TO DO?? She wasn't going to Bling herself up and have an ugly purple cast as an accessory. So racing around, found some black silk and with the help of a good friend and her partner, she created the first "prototype". After this, Peta became so excited about the idea, and noticing the lack of anything else on the market, she began what is now 'Busted Bling'.

Over the years other products were sourced to the range we now have available.

We supply Individuals, Wholesale Clients and a few surgeons have their patients order while awaiting surgery. How great to pull a waterproof cover easily on and off while you have a shower, bath or go for a swim.

Our Crutcheze range takes away the bite of those nasty crutches and the bright walker covers put a smile on the faces of their elderly owners.

Each product we have is to make your life more comfortable and easier through recovery.

We would love for you to share a pic or your story on our socials, you don’t have to put in faces if you don’t want to. It gives others assurance the products are effective and who doesn’t love a good story!!  It also helps to keep our Business more visible on the internet, therefore helping our Business grow.

We are a small family owned Business and thank you for your support.

We wish each of you a speedy recovery and may the pain we know you are feeling subside enough for you to enjoy wearing your new "Bling"!

Nicole & team