What people all over the world are saying about Busted Bling!


My order arrived this morning much to my delight, as usual when I get presents I couldn't contain my excitement. I've just been out on the for a test run. The forearm covers are fantastic they make me feel so much more secure. The handle covers are great too. I can already feel less pain in my hands! I am really happy I found your website as whenever I did a search all I could find were websites overseas. Couldn't be happier with the service I received. I will be back on your website soon!! Thanks again! Susie Sydney, NSW

"Thanks for checking in. I love them. They fit great. They are a few inches long but easily tuck into the top of the cast which is nice because the top has become a little sharp in spots. I wear them everywhere to compensate for lack of shoe. Maybe be a bit over the top for day but I enjoy them. Thanks. Was well worth the wait. I know they came a long way!" Chris Egan, USA


"Got the covers today, very impressed with the product and presented really well in your packaging. My daughter ran out to the postie very excited and has been wearing one all day. You have a great business there and I wish you luck with it.." Denise, VIC


“I was recommended by another customer of yours and whoa, this is fantastic!” Danni Heel, Townsville


“I test-drove the purple supplex cover last night and enjoyed my best sleep since I broke my leg.” Marg, NSW


“My small friend, Sarah, got her arm-blings today & is ecstatic! She thinks it's almost worth breaking her arm for them!!” Deb, SA


“I love it! I'm going out tonight and breaking something so I can have one too” Vicki, USA


“That is fantastic!!! So much better than the tacky cast. fabulous!!” Nancy L. Caruso, USA


“BADA-BLING! - it came today. I love it. Thank you. It looks 10 times better than what I had. I been receiving compliments already on how 'chic' it is, what a great idea, how fun it is...so again - thank you.” Janet, USA


“I came across your website when searching the internet for a way to clean my fibreglass short arm cast which is starting to get pretty dirty. Great idea you have!” Marilyn, Canada


“Yes, thank you very much, received the covers yesterday. They are great and Daniel especially loves the blue camo one. ” Tracey, NSW


“I am LOVING my bling! I LOVE leopard print so it has pretty much made my “matching outfits” SO much easier! ” Danni, Townsville


"My primary school aged daughter is very delighted with crutch pads, matching crutch bag and pink butterflys Busted Bling cast cover"  Sarah, Townsville QLD


"I appreciate the follow-up email as it makes me feel  good about the purchase and the whole experice. Thanks Peta !!!"  Stephanie, USA


"Thank you ,  I reckon they are fab and so does my daughter and they fit well.  Everyone luvs 'em.  We reckon some with diamontes would do well too..... you'd just have to wash them inside out in a bra bag!  Makes having broken bits a bit more bearable!"  Linda, Mackay QLD


"I absoutely loved the cast cover it was soooooo perfect.  Thank you for the prompt communication it was great dealing with you.
Will definately refer your details to others."  Suzi, Victoria


"Alix is rapt with her “Busted Bling” in fact she couldn’t decide which one to wear to school, so she took both and changed them at lunch time..lol! Thank you for brightening her day & her cast!" Trish, Charters Towers QLD


"Thank you so much – she loved them! They’ve definitely made her ‘sticks’ less uncomfortable" Sophee McPhee, Editor UP Magazine, Brisbane QLD. Referring to the forearm crutch pads and grips she purchased for her Mum.


"Yep we received it yesterday thanks, very happy - looks much better than a cast that's for sure :)" Jess, Victoria referring to a black supplex cast cover she purchased for her boyfriend!


"I have just come into the office for the first time since I ordered these, and they were here waiting for me. They are great! Thank you! I've already had people comment that they wish they had a broken leg so they can have crutches as cool as mine!" Deanna, Sydney NSW


I’m disgusted. I spent a good third of last year on crutches and didn’t know about these. Howe did I function with boring old grey crutches? I might just pretend I’ve had a relapse…… Lis 15/1/2010 (found this comment on a random forum about Busted Bling)


"Thank you for the bling, received it today.  Jordan is loving his bling.  He was so excited when the postman delivered it this morning. Great product!"  Barbara Smith, Victoria about her son Jordan who is 5.


"Yes, it is my 9 year old son who has broken his wrist. He loves the blue camo cast cover and he got quite a few "cool" comments at the Melbourne Museum last week. The cast cover is perfect over the fibreglass cast, which can get sharp edges. We have also been using it over his cast and covering that with a XeroSox waterproof cover when he swims. We ruined an $60 Xerosox because of the sharp fibreglass cast edges punctured it. The cast cover has kept the second one from leaking." Fiona Hance, Victoria

"Yes received the cast cover a couple of weeks ago and my daughter is using it every day until the cast comes off next week. It doesn’t make the cast look so obvious which is great, it blends in with the pink clothes she wears! The cover itself is fine, probably a little bit long for her arm but that’s no one’s fault nor a problem as we just tuck it in at the top to hold it in place.

Many thanks for your assistance" Nadine, Tanah Merah, QLD


Oh yes I very happy with them they are exactly as I thought they would turn out.  Vern, USA ordered 4 long leg cast covers!


Thankyou for enquiring about the order that we placed with you. Yes, the covers were for my son Bradley and he thinks they are really cool to wear and that really is saying something coming from a teenager! LOL. When he dislocated his wrist, the doctor accidently (?) opened up a purple cast packet ....so that was the colour he received on his arm!

Being a 13 year old boy that did not go down to well with him. I remembered reading the article about busted bling covers in the Townsville Bulletin a few weeks earlier, so we went home and googled you. Your web site was easy to navigate. The site also provides good information, accurate descriptions and easy ordering and the covers arrived here by Wednesday. I must congratulate you for coming up with this unique product! Well done!

The fit of the covers was good and they are standing up to the hand washing well. The covers definately have been attracting attention and even the doctors were impressed with how they look. I have even put your advertising card up on the Ayr hospital's notice board because it is such a good thing. Even while Christmas shopping today, a shop assistant was interested because her nephew had just broke his leg, so I gave her your Busted Bling web sit address. It is a easy way to jazz up a cast and to be unique! Keep up the good work and I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.

Regards, Kylie QLD